Kappa Specialty Pod


Kappa is our specialty blend of seasonal crops from Rwanda and Colombia. It serves as both an exceptional espresso and a medium-bodied milk blend. 

This blend's flavour notes are fruit-forward, in particular, look for notes of honey, red berries, walnuts and dark chocolate. 

We roast each coffee by itself to reach it's full potential and post-blend for the best results.

Kappa's roast profile is medium towards dark and if we had to put an intensity number against it, it'll be 6.5.

  • Our Specialty Pods are 100% compostable. 
  • Our nitrogen flushed Specialty Pods have an 18-month shelf life
  • Our Specialty Pods are suitable for Nespresso compatible machines (classic/original)
  • Each box contains 10 capsules

Recommended drink size to capsule recipes:

Picolo Latte

Use a 120ml (4oz) cup.

Pull 1 capsule on espresso cycle

Fill with textured steamed milk.


Flat White/Latte/Cappuccino

Use a 240ml (8oz) Cup.

Pull 2 capsules on espresso cycles

Fill with textured steamed milk. 


Short Black

Use 1 Capsule on espresso cycle

Long Black

Use 240ml cup

Pull 2 capsules on espresso cycles

Fill with hot water.