We're always drinking coffee: it's not just about the intoxicating aroma, those complex lingering flavours and that rich, velvety mouthfeel. There's also the warm and cosy aura of sharing the ritual of coffee drinking with friends: the laughter, meaning and intimacy.

The more we savoured those moments however, the more intrigued we became. Mere curiosity quickly bloomed into a burning passion. We drank at hundreds of cafes, scribbling detailed notes with each sip. Then, we retreated to our roasting lab (AKA 'The Den') and spent countless months learning about the challenges of harnessing the character of each bean.

Finally, we funneled what we'd learned into delicious tasting experiments that taught us the science behind consistent, quality roasting. Of course, we still love drinking coffee and sharing the experience with our friends. But now we've fallen in love with every stage of the journey: from the hillside to the cup. 

We hope you'll taste that passion in every cup.