About the wolfpack.

Hi. We’re Daniel and Irene, the Alphas of this wolfpack.

From our first roast in mum's garage to The Den, our brand new roasting warehouse, one thing's for sure. Coffee is the cornerstone of our community. And we’re all about sharing the whole experience with you.

Coffee is always centre stage. In fact, when you come into The Den you'll see your beans being roasted before your very eyes.

Sharing the love of coffee is nothing new for Irene’s family. Her grandparents ran a cafe in Fiji and in 1969, were pioneers of coffee culture. They installed the first espresso machine in Suva, and the locals couldn’t help but be drawn to the new and amazing scents coming from the cafe. Grandpa worked with a local plumber to service the impressive chrome and brass behemoth, building homemade replacement parts and creating unique pressure seals.  The stories they told are part of why we love building a community around Wolfpack coffee.

One of the most amazing things we get to do at The Den is watch people connect over a cup, from packs of cyclists after a ride to friends managing a long overdue catch up.

We have two young boys that keep us on our toes. We’re lucky to have so much coffee around, seeing as it’s a complete necessity in our daily lives.  Our go to coffee orders are as diverse as our blends.

We’ve made amazing coffee accessible for everyone. From our family to our amazing staff and customers. And there’s always room for more.

Come and run with the wolves.