Alpha Blend Mini Pourover Drip Coffee Sachets


Finally, the most convenient way to have fresh brewed filtered specialty coffee on the whilst out and about is here!

Some call them Parachutes, we like to call them "mini pourover drip coffee" 

Just add hot water, brew and enjoy!

This is the Alpha Blend variant of our mini pourover's, this is the blend you'd be drinking if you're drinking a milky coffee at our espresso bar. Fruit forward with Ripe Cherry notes and nuts and chocolate. Perfect for a cup with a dash of milk. 

We recommend to brew with 95 degree water, and a cup that can hold more than 200ml. 

Pouring techniques can vary with personal taste and skill.

We recommend 4 pours within 2 min of brewing.

Pouring slowly 50ML, the first pour lets the coffee bloom and Degas.

Repeat 3 more times as the brew drips through to your cup. 

You may then end the brew cycle once the coffee drips through and discard the filter. The drip sachet and coffee filter is compostable.